As the Wyoming legislative session came drags on past it's deadline our elected officials are struggling to find ways to close the states shortfall by any means necessary.

No one wants to talk about cuts. No one wants to raise taxes.

If anyone dares even whisper "state income tax" the reaction is almost a little scary.

The story posted on the Cheyenne Wyoming KGAB Facebook page and elicited some reactions that should be considered classics. Here are the top 5, for your reading pleasure.

1). Forrest Cozad Stop taxing us to death. Control your spending before you drive everyone out of the state.

2). Rick Coppinger Do it and will vote you out of Office. Plain and Simple.

3). Terry Keslar Yes for everyone that thought the Capitol restoration was a good deal. You can't fix Stupid.

4). Joe Mitchell Get off the dope ,you bastards ain't taxing us.

5). Then there is the comment we had to delete. It really was the best one but we simply just can't post it. It has something to do with our elected officials and uncomfortable positions for their heads in dark places that are impossible for a human to bend into. You figure it out.

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