This seems like something that I shouldn't have to explain and yet here I am writing to you about things that you shouldn't buy if they have had a previous owner. I have compiled my list by rummaging around Twitter for what I can only assume people have purchased second hand and that's how they made the list.


1. In the spirit of Halloween, I couldn't help but put this one at the top of the list. Any item that is in a yard sale from a haunted house. Heads up, it's probably haunted.

2. Another Halloween-ish item. Coffins... Apparently a hot resale item around the U.S.

3. In-ear headphones. I don't really know how to feel about this one. I work for a radio station after all and we, for the most part, have our own headphones that we use day to day. I'd say only buy used earphones from someone you know and trust. But even then, be cautious.

4. Panties/Underwear: Pretty sure I didn't have to put this on the list but just in case someone was thinking of picking out a nice pair of pre-owned undies from the local goodwill for Christmas let me be the one to stop you.

5. Dentures: Come on people... What are we doing here?

6. A mattress: Surprisingly, this suggestion came up quite a few times on Twitter. Save up and buy a new bed. Believe me, it's worth the money.

7. Advent Calendars: There's a Bad Santa joke in there somewhere.

8. Urns: Let me refer you back to coffins at #2.

9. Mustache Comb: I can't grow facial hair, but I've seen what people comb out of their beards and it's not pretty.

10. Lastly, anything for sale at a hotel auction. Do you have any idea what people do in hotel rooms? It's not pretty. You don't want that stuff coming home with you!

I hope you've had a good time reading these and laughing along. Enjoy your day.

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