Let me set the scene for you here. I got done with my workout this morning and the parking lot outside of Planet Fitness is not lit up at all during the early morning hours. Not generally a big deal for me, but this morning my eyes were not working very well and I had a hard time finding my car.

With that, I was just exhausted from getting my butt kicked during my workout.

So I walked outside and thought I remembered where I had parked so I walked up to my car as I normally do I go to unlock my door and it turns out the car was already unlocked. I thought that I forgot to lock my car door.

Then, I get in this car that became clear was not mine at all after I sat in the driver seat and I could barely fit in the car. I immediately look down and notice that it was not my car and I start freaking out for fear that the owner of the car is going to come out and find me in their car.

I ran out of the car and finally found my car and drove away. As I was on my way home I said to myself that the other car really should have been locked and as much as I am to blame so is the owner of that car.

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