Single life is better for you than you may think. If you just got out of a bad break up, let this article help pick you up and get you back out into your social circles.

A recent article from Maxim Magazine says that it is better to be single when you are younger rather than being in a long-term relationship for several reasons.

with the main gist of it being that your single friends are often a lot more fun to be around in social settings and they go out on the town and have various social circles not only the social aspect but also us, single folks tend to go to the gym more often and take better care of ourselves. (For the most part. I'd like to add that we probably drink more alcohol than people in relationships.)

They top things off by saying that being single and having your alone time is actually more beneficial for your health than you may think. Which is great news for me. I'm alone 95% of the time and all these years I thought it was bad for me. IT'S NOT!

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