If you’re a Casper woman that feels stressed out, I have an unexpected solution for you. Science says that you should smell your man.

Don’t blame me for this. This is science. Specifically, this is a story shared by Bright Side. It’s based on a study on PsycNET. Here’s part of what they said they did:

96 women were randomly assigned to smell one of three scents (their romantic partner’s, a stranger’s, or a neutral scent) and exposed to an acute stressor (Trier Social Stress Test). Perceived stress and cortisol were measured continuously throughout the study

The guys wore shirts without deodorant (just like every other day of the year) and then gave them to the scientists. The scientists then had the women sniff the shirts. The results were interesting.

When the women sniffed the shirts of their actual partners, their stress went down. Who would have thought that a man’s sweat glands could mellow you ladies out?

I asked my wife if my smells relaxed her and she seriously asked me “which of your smells are we talking about?” I plead the 5th.

If this seems surprising to you, check out the details of the study for yourself. Like I said, can’t argue with SCIENCE.

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