Wyoming is home to so many different animals and one that may be surprising to you is the American Badger! These suckers are bad to the bone and are key to rodent control in the state. You may also be surprised that you can find them roaming all over the state.

If you've ever seen a Badger at work, you know they are feisty and can cause damage with their long sharp claws. The Badger enjoys quite the buffet of food options. They'll eat squirrels, rats, gophers, mice, snakes, frogs and birds.

They are known to be a predators worst nightmare. They are very muscular and have loose fur to help assure them time to fight off a predator. They used their claws and teeth to do most of their fighting and to ward off a threat, they use an assortment of vocal threats...like hissing, growling, squealing and snarling..

The Badger is mostly a loner except during mating season when they'll seek out the perfect mate.  Badgers will mate now, but won't become pregnant until sometime between December and February. We are in prime Badger mating season and you may see them out roaming more than normal. If you've never seen one, you should keep an eye open as they're out moving looking for love between now and mid to late September.

These creatures have always been interesting to learn about, as they're known as fighters that don't take crap from anyone or thing. Wyoming Game & Fish is a great resource to learn more about the Badger and information on hunting or trapping them.

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