Thanks to Thrillist we have a very spooky story for you! There are a lot of scary stories when it comes to spiders. You know, like the average person will eat 8 spiders in their sleep in one year... Yeah not exactly what we want to hear and makes most of never want to sleep again!

But how about this one? There was a lady in Missouri who woke up one morning and felt like there was something stuck in her ear but didn't really know what it was, she thought it could have been water that got stuck in her ear. But just to be on the safe side, she went to the doctor to get things checked out.

Turns out, it was a brown recluse the size of a dime that had crawled in her ear while she was sleeping! If you don't know, they are extremely poisonous to humans and we have a lot of them in the cowboy state. I personally used to find them in my basement when living with my folks.

So next time you lay your head down to get a little rest, check your surroundings and fluff your comforter just to make sure you don't wake up with a spider in your ear or worse.

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