The Natrona County School district sent out a notice today about a suspicious person or persons who were seen following students in the Bar Nunn area.

Here is the official release.

After school began this morning, Thursday Feb 15th, 2018 the Natrona County School District received a report that a suspicious individual(s) was following students in the Bar Nunn area while they were walking home from school on, Wednesday, February 14th.

The reporting parties identified the vehicle following them as a tan or brown minivan with the big letters "Chevrolet" written on the back.

Upon receiving the report, NCSD notified the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office. Local law enforcement will have an increased presence in the area.

As always, we ask you to remain diligent and keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior or individuals. Please contact local law enforcement with reports of any suspicious activity.

Meanwhile the Natrona County Sheriff's Office also issued a release with the additional information that the students informed the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office there were two persons in the vehicle with beards.  Anyone with information concerning the incident is asked to contact the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office at 307-235-9282.

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