This tiny Utah bobcat is a little intense. This is the reason why he's been nicknamed "Mr. Murderbritches". 

The Utah Department of Wildlife Resources were trying to release Mr. Murderbritches back into the wild after he ate some chickens. They learned that Mr. Murderbritches is called Mr. Murderbritches for a reason. This is why. Fortunately for all of us, the were rolling video when this happened. (Pro Tip: make sure your sound is turned up for this one)

If you do a Google search for Mr. Murderbritches (I highly recommend this), you'll notice that this Utah bobcat has become quite the star. Numerous tribute sites have popped up and it seems like all of Twitter is cheering for this little guy.

Mr. Murderbritches might be cute and all, but watch those fingers if you get near his cage. He has that name for a reason.

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