History of Wyoming. The other Wyoming. The one in Ohio.

Wyoming Ohio is nestled in Mill Creek Valley Ohio. The area was settled in the early 1800s. Before that local Indians used the valley as a through way as they traveled.

The population of Wyoming Ohio was very small until Cincinnati, Hamilton, and Dayton Railroad came through in 1851. So much like Wyoming the territory, that became the state, it was the railroad that grew the area.

On April 4, 1861, Colonel Robert Reily held a meeting to name the town. The name “Wyoming” was selected because the village reminded early settlers of a beautiful spot in Pennsylvania that was called Wyoming. This name later became the name of the territory and state of Wyoming.

The town is still very small in population, much like Wyoming the state. But the city of Cincinnati has grown out and around it making the people of the town of Wyoming feel as if they are actually part of the city of Cincinnati.

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