Wyoming residents have long known that our beautiful state is one of the best places to live in the entire country, but now a new study proves it without a doubt.

Personal finance website, WalletHub, released a new study that lists "2022's Best States to Live in", and it really is no surprise that the Cowboy State landed in the top ten.

As a matter of fact, Wyoming ranked 8th overall, with only Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Idaho, Virginia, New Hampshire and Florida scoring higher respectively.

Source: WalletHub
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WalletHub stated in the study:

Deciding on a place to call home can be a tough process. You’ll need to balance things like the cost of living with job opportunities, quality of education and safety. Personal preference also comes into the equation, as you’ll want to live somewhere with the types of attractions, recreational opportunities and weather that suit you. Luckily, there’s 50 states to choose from, from frigid Alaska to sunny Florida. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

If you do the math, some states clearly outshine others in various categories. To find out the best states to live in, WalletHub compared the 50 states based on 52 key indicators of livability. They range from housing costs and income growth to education rate and quality of hospitals.

Here are some of the key factors where Wyoming shined (1 = Best; 25 = Average):

  • 2nd – Percentage of Population Aged 25+ with a High School Diploma or Higher
  • 9th – Homeownership Rate
  • 14th – Percentage of Adults in Fair or Poor Health
  • 15th – Percentage of Population in Poverty
  • 16th – Housing Costs

There were some metrics that kept Wyoming from scoring higher. For instance, the Cowboy State was tied at 48th for "Average Weekly Work Hours" and also 48th for "Fewest Restaurants per Capita".

All in all, it seems a small price to pay for our wonderous scenery, relatively crime free cities, and all the awesome outdoor activities that we can enjoy in each season.

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