Living in Wyoming there are a few things that are untouchable: guns, oil, and Chris LeDoux. How did the country-singer-rodeo-star-all-around-good-guy become such an integral part of the Cowboy State? He is as much a part of Wyoming as the coal and oil pulled from the Earth.

In a Facebook group Yep, I'm From Wyoming, I asked how did Chris LeDoux become part of your life? It didn't take long for the stories to poor out. Several themes kept repeating like how he was such a humble and genuine man. People to this day still mourn his passing. They remember his music. They remember his contributions to the sport of Rodeo. And they remember his faith.

We did a lot of the college rodeos, announcing and timing. Chris was going to Casper College at the time. After the rodeo, we would gather in someone's motel room and Chris would play and sing his songs. He did have some early tapes that we all listened to going down the road. Chris was a very nice and polite young man. He enjoyed the singing and all the people around him.

- April wrote


The first time I met Chris, he came into my grandma's grocery store in Kaycee. Every time he came in he was always the nicest man. My mother babysat his kids I've been told, his grandchildren come to my church on Wednesday nights for youth group. I love being in the community of Kaycee, where he still lives on

- Heidi said


I used to work as a medic for countless rodeos every summer. Chris would frequently drive down and work the chutes, helping young guys get rigged up. Just a down to earth guy who truly loved the rodeo lifestyle. And many Sundays he would speak or sing at cowboy church before events got under way.

- Bradley wrote


The only time I have watched my son cry was when I had to tell him Chris had died. He was just a true Cowboy, Love you Cowboy, Thank You for the Ride. Montgomery Family, Green River Wy.

- Christine said


Went to Casper College to see some friends. Chris was sitting in the hall of a dorm quietly strumming his guitar with his friend from Oklahoma, Garth. Comment was made - "those guys are pretty good for a bronc rider and a dirt farmer"

- Ronnie wrote


Prescott Arizona frontier days rodeo my horse went down in the chute with me under him by the time it was over I had several broken bones meet Chris when he came to the hospital and talked to me gave me the strength to just Cowboy up get back on after the bones heal a very great caring man and from then on my hero along with my dad.

- Dennis said


I was in College in Oklahoma and we started dancing to him, later I saw his display in San Francisco at the Stock show. And a year later I moved to Wyoming and addiction was born for me and my children who were raised on Chris. I was fortunate to attend the dedication and my son is friends with his son. Needless to say, he and his music have been a part of my family since 1975.

- Marilyn wrote


After the rodeo, he played at the Legion in Cody and that was the first time I met him. He was such a genuine guy and I will always remember the time that he autographed my daughters dress when she was a baby. He had so many fans but seemed to remember those that he met. I also saw him at several county fairs here in Wyoming and saw him in Billings. I have to say that his son Ned is taking right after his dad. I met him in Worland when he played in the band After the Rodeo. He was just as genuine as his dad. I had the chance to see him in Gillette a couple of times and he is just an all around nice guy like his father was. Still friendly as ever. Thanks for keeping your dad's music going.

- Ann said


When I was about 20 or so my brother and I ran into him and his wife at Target in Casper. My brother was able to talk to him for a minute and let him know that we were both big fans of his. Great guy and very down to earth!

- Nick wrote


Heard his duet with Garth and was an immediate fan. Went to several concerts here in So. CA and in Vegas when he was there for NFR every year. He would wait til the all from that nights competition had shown up. At one of the concerts here I got to say hello and he signed my hat. Still have dried carnations from the ones he would toss out at the end of performance. Wonderful life ended way too soon. Also another great story to reference us how Garth tried to donate his organ material and cried when he was not a match.... So sad

- Pamela said


First heard him play at UW after an indoor rodeo his band played at the student union. It was upstairs in the ballroom and there was good music and lots of dancing. Do not remember the year but guessing later 1960's too early 1970's. What I find interesting about his music is I loved it and have 2 grandsons in their early 20's and they both like and listen to his music.

- Carol wrote

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