This may seem odd, but the best things about Wyoming is what isn't there. Stick with me here, but I'm guessing you will agree with this quality over quantity perspective.

The Best things about Wyoming are...

  • The lack of people.
  • The absence of lines.
  • The few if any traffic jams.
  • Having a lot less crime than a large city.
  • The lack of skyscrapers for a more scenic view.
  • The short wait time at your favorite restaurant.
  • Having a graduating class small enough that you actually know everyone.
  • Even though Wyoming has the smallest population in the U.S, knowing your electoral vote (per capita) has more power than anyone else in the country.

So when some snarky hipster asks you, "Why the heck would anyone want to live in Wyoming?" You can respond, "Because you are not there."

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