Casper's newest collegiate baseball team has released their 64-game schedule for the 2018 season.

The Horseheads will open the season at home on Friday, May 25th, against the Western Nebraska Pioneers out of Gering, Nebraska.

The team will play their first 6 games at home, and 13 of the first 16 at Mike Lansing Field.

The Expedition is an 8-team league split into two groups of 4.

The South is comprised of Casper, Gering, Nebraska (9 home, 6 away), Hastings, Nebraska (5 home, 5 away) and Spearfish, South Dakota (6 home, 7 away).

The North has Dickinson, North Dakota (3 home, 3 away), Minot, North Dakota (3 home, 5 away), Pierre, South Dakota (3 home, 3 away), and Aberdeen, South Dakota (3 home, 3 away).

Home games are scheduled to begin at 6:35pm, except for Sundays, which start at 5:35pm.

May 25-27: Gering, NE (home)

May 29-31: Dickinson, ND (home)

June 1: at Spearfish, SD

June 2-3: Spearfish, SD (home)

June 4-5: Gerng, NE (home)

June 6-7: at Gering, NE

June 8-10: Hastings, NE (home)

June 12-14: at Dickinson, ND

June 15-17: at Minot, ND

June 18-19: at Spearfish, SD

June 20-22: Pierre, SD (home)

June 23-24: at Spearfish, SD

June 26-27: at Minot, ND

June 28-30: at Pierre, SD

July 2: All-Star Game at Hastings, NE

July 4: at Spearfish, SD

July 5-7: Spearfish, SD

July 8-9: Hastings, NE (home)

July 11-12: at Hastings, NE

July 13-15: at Aberdeen, SD

July 16-18: Minot, ND (home)

July 20-22: Aberdeen, SD (home)

July 24: at Gering, NE

July 25: Spearfish, SD (home)

July 26: at Spearfish, SD

July 27-29: Gering, NE (home)

July 30-August 1: at Gering, NE

August 3-5: at Hasting, NE

Playoffs TBA

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