Adventure racers from all over the world are going to try to become cowboy tough and explore the Cowboy State.

Wyoming is hosting the Cameco Cowboy Tough Adventure Race World Championship.

The competition starts in Jackson on Thursday, August 10th and as nearly 60 4-man teams, will work their way back to Casper, by way of either walking, hiking, paddling, bicycling, etc..over the course of 450 miles, without much knowledge of the course or the terrain.

Margo Harris with adventure enablers says figuring out a team strategy can be a challenge.

You have to plan when you're going to stop and take a rest and there's 4 people on your team, so if you're tired and everybody else still needs to go, you have to work that out. You have a navigator on your team who is telling you where to go, they're planning the whole route for you. There's a lot of team dynamics that affect the race and the race time as well.

Harris also says the popularity of adventure racing is growing simply because of the challenge.

There's just something about trying yourself and pushing yourself to your limit and sometimes hating it and then when you finish, there's the overwhelming relief and pride that you feel when you've done something like that, I think it's just a life changer for some people and what some people live for.

Harris estimates that the first team will cross the finish line in Casper, sometime on Sunday evening, August 13th.

This is the first time the adventure racing world championship has been held in the USA.

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead was able to get race to take place in the Cowboy State.

Video of teams in the opening ceremony parade:

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