The Natrona County Sheriff's Office held its 2017 Annual Awards Ceremony on Thursday.

Both deputies and private citizens were honored this year. Sheriff Gus Holbrook says, this is a special ceremony every year to honor those in the Sheriff's Office who stand out in the opinion of their peers.

And he says, it's a chance to thank those civilians who go above and beyond to help and sometimes, save the lives of others. This year that included a water rescue at Alcova Lake, a climbing rescue at Rotary Park, and CPR that saved the life of a heart attack victim.

Also honored were Sheriff's employees for 20, 30 and 40 years of service.

Here is the list of honorees.

Civilian Meritorious Service Citation - Tom Sawyer

Civilian Life Saving Medal -Kristin Hammond, Nick Larramendy, Tiffany Larramendy and Shane Larramendy

Life Saving Medal - Lt. Stewart Anderson, Sgt. Michael Hotard and Sgt. Shane Rinker

Meritorious Achievement Medal - Sgt. Shane Rinker, Cpl. Steve Wolosin

Certificate of Commendation - Deputy Newly Lemons

Civilian Employee of the Year - Tracy Desourdy

Detention Officer of the Year - Sgt. Doug Schumacker

Peace Officer of the Year - Deputy Brad Legler

40 Year Service Awards - Lt. Ernie Nichols, David Kinghorn

30 Year Service Awards - Cpl. Dianne Reidt

20 Year Service Awards - Lt. Lisa Bush, Lt. Michael Steinberg, Sgt. Robert Nelson, Deputy Marcus Bila, Deputy Roger Means and Jennifer Hubenthal

20 Year Service Award: Special Response Team - Sgt. Michael Hotard



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