If you're driving a White vehicle you're considered to be above average and that judgement is based on nothing other that the vehicle color you chose. Car buying website iseecars.com studied 9.4 million cars to determine the most popular colors for cars across the country and found that white and black colored vehicles are the top 2 colors by a pretty good amount.

In Wyoming, over 1/4 (25.4%) of the cars are white, which puts the color at the top of the list for the Cowboy State. Putting the colors of the Grayscale aside (white, black, gray, silver) Wyoming falls inline with 37 other state's with red as the top color. The study also went a little deeper to find which state had more colors other than Grayscale vehicles and this is where Wyoming is in the Top 3 with 28.9%.

So why do more people choose white? Kelly Blue Book says there are many different reasons.

  1. The resale value of a white vehicle is higher than that of a non Grayscale colored vehicle. If you buy a car that has a popular color now, in five years that color may not be so popular and will hurt you when selling or trading.
  2. White falls into the "easy to care for" category. It may show mud splatters a little better, but tends to look newer longer.
  3. If you're driving a white car you have 12% less chance of being in an accident
  4. White is cooler in the summer as it reflects heat.

I've heard over the years that color of your car can also factor in to you being pulled over and drawing more attention from police. The fact that there are MORE white cars and MORE red cars on the road means that, you may not draw more attention, but the averages are higher due the amount out there.

Since there are so many white cars on the road, here is the best way to keep yours clean.

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